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Africa Products Shop

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Gemaakt door: Elie Kabagema
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1. Why African Products Shop (APS)?

We find that more Europeans do not know more about the taste of real biological African products, beautiful arts and fashion made in Africa. Trough this initiatif we give them acces to high quality made products and we let them enjoying the taste of Africa.

We believe that transparent and equitable trading environments allow African producers to improve their lives with all partners recognising their ability, capacity and commitment to their families and communities and their countries.

We believe that without though fairtrade the developpement of poor countries is no possible. The trade is based on sales of products. Poor countries are still facing of problem of acces of market for their products and for good prices. We want to make it possible by introducing the online market of African products.

2. Our mission
Our overall mission as online shop is to improve the sustainable livelihoods of African producers through partnerships that advocate for Fair Trade.

Africa Products Shop therefore strives to strengthen small arts and producers capacity to benefit from global markets by assisting them to develop quality products and providing them with market access support through shared efforts and resources within the principles and structures of Fair Trade.

3. Our aims
Through our online market, we aim to:

  • Searching trade opportunities for African products in Europe and contributing of economy and development of their countries
  • Promoting women being more active in business and advocate of fair trade
  • Giving market access in Europe for African products
  • Promoting a fairtrade where the prices is made by the producer
  • Increasing market access for African producers by providing access to technical, financial and organisational capacity improvement opportunities
  • Promoting the cause of African producers exceptionaly women and promote genuine producer participation in the Fairtrade system.

4. Partnership
Every producer, organisation with high quality of products can join us. Use our contacts and ask your opportunities for introducing your products in Europe.

Our aim is not making profit but to let you making profit and improve your quality of live of your children and being active in development of your country. You can send e-mails to: info@africaproducts.nl of call 0031 649902721

Africa Products Shop is powerdby Stichting Samen in Actie Nederland. More information about these organisations, gladly visit www.stichtingsa.nl  

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